About Us

Estate Jewelers is a family owned, full-service jeweler with decades of trade experience. We have easily one of the single largest collections of estate jewelry in the San Gabriel Valley with literally thousands of items to choose from. Our impressive collection features Art Deco and Edwardian era engagement rings as well as Art Nouveau, Georgian, Revival, Retro, Victorian and modern designs. 

Along with his two brothers, Estate Jewelers owner, Vartan Kazanjian, opened his storefront in South Pasadena over 13 years ago. Providing an opportunity to the community to get superior jewelry services.  Estate Jewelers offers expert repair services. We do sizing, prong work, replace damaged or lost stones and the tightening of loose stones.  Estate Jewelers also offers professional gentle cleaning and polishing.

Our senior associate, Marcus Pasette, is a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).  He offers on-site insurance appraisals and provides almost 30 years of expertise in identifying gemstones and evaluation of your jewelry.

We also do expert custom design work. Our award winning, in-house jewelry designer, and Graduate Gemologist from the GIA, Kailin He, can help to bring your jewelry dreams and ideas to life!

Estate Jewelers has a licensed buyer, Vartan Kazanjian. He will examine and often buy various types of items over the counter from our clients. We mainly specialize in antique and estate jewelry, and that is primarily what we like to purchase for our inventory.  While many jewelers are simply melting down this type of jewelry to try to make quick profit, we look at these old, well-loved jewelry items as potential inventory for our store.  We also buy some pieces for their gold, platinum and diamond value. Contact us directly to set up an appointment with the buyer, and let him make a strong offer on your items. Call now: 626-441-0621