Intaglio Portrait of Cleopatra II - Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Peridot Legends

August 29, 2019

From Egypt to Europe to Hawai'i, this "Gem of the Sun" was believed to hold many magical properties for its wearer. Find out more today about the legends surrounding peridot.

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Kokichi Mikimoto by  K. Mikimoto & Co. Ltd

The Origins of Pearl Culturing

June 13, 2019

The credit for being the first to achieve pearl culturing commercially goes to Kokichi Mikimoto.  He began his efforts around 1893 by nucleating Akoya mollusks. 

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Raw Muzo and Chivor emeralds by GIA Robert Weldon

Famous Emerald Mines and Emeralds

May 30, 2019

Colombia is home to many famous mines, such as the Muzo and Chivor mines. They have produced some of the best emeralds ever historically mined in the world.

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