How To Care For Pearls

October 01, 2019

How To Care For Pearls

Pearls are a precious gift from the sea.  They have been celebrated and passed down for centuries by royalty, world leaders, and those who cultivate their unique lustre. Keeping these organic gemstones looking beautiful can take special care and patience.  

  • Before wearing, check the clasps of necklaces, prongs of rings, and screws on earrings and brooches. Even with proper care, some small parts of jewelry or the string may come loose or break suddenly.  
  • Place your pearls on your person, after all your hair styling, makeup and perfume applications. Save the best for last in your getting ready routine!
  • After wearing your pearls, it is recommended you wipe them off with a dry (or very slightly damp), soft cloth to remove acidic body oil, caustic cosmetics, or perfumes which can dull the pearls over time.
  • Pearls should be stored away from other jewelry and items that my scratch their surface.  Wrap pearls in soft linens, cloth or pouch.  
  • Avoid direct sunlight, humidity, or high temperatures, such as saunas.
  • Caustic chemicals can damage your pearls. If your pearls come into contact with detergents, vinegar, fruit juices, hair spray, etc. - wipe clean immediately with a soft cloth.




Can I wear my pearls in the shower or pool?

NO! Do not wear your pearls in the bath or shower or pool. You should also avoid wearing your pearls during activities that cause you to perspire. Water can also weaken the silk string keeping your pearls together.

Can my pearls be cleaned by an ultrasonic?

No. Ultrasonic cleanser should never be used to clean pearls.

Do pearls lose their lustre?

Over time pearls can become dull looking. Many products have mild acids that can cause the nacre of the pearl to be worn down and even dissolve their natural shine.

Los Angeles Herald 1905If the appearance of your pearls diminishes, take them to a specialist.   Leaving pearl jewelry in a security box for long periods of time may dehydrate the pearls.  So wear them frequently.  From time to time, it is also recommended you have your pearls restrung.  Pearls are not as strong as diamonds, making them higher risk to wear every day. However, with proper care and caution you can keep your pearls safe, even for everyday wear.

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